The State of this Project

What started as a challenge to make a game in a week. Turned into two more weeks of fixes, small additions, and balancing. Time I should not have invested in this project. This isn't going to be a postmortem though: I'm making this to share the State of Space Shoot, and what my plans are going forward in game development on Itch.

Space Shoot was built on top of the predecessor to the Alabaster Engine, the name I've given my very limited game development platform that I'm currently working on. Pre-Alabaster is a lot of unorganized code, a confusing API, a very strict 2D rendering pipeline, and lots of bugs.  Stuff that is currently being fixed in this new clean slate. My long-term plans for Space Shoot was the make a bullet hell roguelike similar to one of my favorite games Nuclear Throne by Vlambeer.

Right now though- I think my best bet would be to make a bunch more smaller week-long projects. This will help Alabaster grow to be able to support larger projects. At that point I might revisit Space Shoot, but for now I'm shelving it.

I won't be releasing the source to Space Shoot, but if anyone has technical question, I'd be happy to answer them.

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