Version 0.2


- Added health pods that must be dashed through in order to replenish 15 health.

- Added screenshake, there is an option to turn this off.
- Added highscore (furthest distance).
- Added pause menu, with access to game options.
    * Menu can be used with either mouse or keyboard.
- Added option to use transparent flash on ship, instead of default white.
- Added control scheme options (normal & shawn).
      Shawn controls scheme:
    * [W] ship up
    * [S] ship down
    * [A] ship left
    * [D] ship right
    * [Space] player shoot
    * [Shift] player dash
- Added sounds effects, and a lot of them.
    * Player sfx  (shoot, damage, overheat, heal)
    * Rock sfx  (impact, explode, hit)
    * Added raider sfx  (explode, hit, shoot)
    * Menu button sfx  (focus, activate)
- Added dynamic music.

- Changed font used on game over screen.
- Raider's health has been reduces from 65 to 60.
- Reduce damage taken from dashing through rocks.
- Increased big rock damage from 15 to 20.
- You can now dash through enemy projectiles, circumventing any damage.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed window hanging when closing the game.
- Fixed rocks spawning in two columns.

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