Version 0.3


- Added VSync option.
- Added window icon.
- Added sfx for breaking health pod.
- Added fullscreen option.
- Added background asteroids.
- Added gems, which can be found in asteroids, and used to buy single use upgrades.

- Updated asteroid texture to match lighting of raider.
- Removed player projectile variants.
- Reduced overheat per shot from 3 to 1.
- Reduced the change for an asteroid to drop goo from 15 to 10.
- Health pods can now be destroyed by being shot at, leaving a gem.
- Increased health pod heal from 15 to 25.

- Fixed overly large health goo.
- Fixes towards rocks glitching out and causing a lot of noise and particles.
- Fixed health bar not turning green when collecting health.
- Fixed huge memory leak that accured when restarting the game.
- Fixed raider engines turning off when dead.
- Fixed selected button index being off when navagating the pause menu with keyboard.
- Fixed random black screen.

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Jan 24, 2019

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